Ada and FriendsAda at the WindowTired Mari MouseSleepy SnailsI can sail awaySleepy Viewcat on branchGood Morning Lazy Catgreen pajamasRainy Nighthere we go whalespig sailorsthrough the snowhere we go crowdnight roomon the lily padthe lost islandmushroom forestcurious liquid childsingflying with beesThey Sailed AwayThe Stars AboveCat's Housetriangle crowdsailing snailskelp forestjellyfish gazingpeonies and gardenercarrot lace frittersgingko girl
Hello Friends,

Welcome to this collection of my children's illustrations, some of which accompany stories I've written and some of which are based on daydreams and inspirations. I love whimsical, playful imagery, and I especially love night time adventure stories.

Check out my portfolio on this site. And to learn more about me and my work, please follow the link to my blog.

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